We know dance

As regular organisers of our own Argentine tango, neotango, and modern jive evenings, we know that dance events can often provide a unique set of challenges when setting up a sound system. Live bands for dance music may have an unusual configuration, equipment positioning has to take a back seat to the quality and accessibility of the dance floor, and local restrictions can make the ideal set-up difficult to achieve.

With years of experience in sound and lighting for dance events, we can help you find the perfect match between sound quality and budget.

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Quality over Quantity

We know how discerning dance audiences can be, especially in communities such as the tango world who want to hear music that sounds exactly as it was originally recorded without any additional colour or processing added by modern sound systems. So why get your sound systems from a generic provider, when instead you can work with someone who understands the requirements of these unique events?

We will set up a system that focuses on sound quality without compromising on the dance experience for your customers. Lighting can be subtle and ambient, or full-on rock-concert, whichever works best for your event.

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  • Full-service solution, including delivery, set-up, and operation
  • Live bands, and singers with backing music
  • Can work with your own DJ or provide one if required
  • Sound Engineer who knows and understands dance events
  • Multiple room setups for alternative dancing areas
  • Lighting to match your mood and brand

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    Our Installations

    Previous dance events and projects have included:

    • Tangosynthesis - Neotango dance events
    • Herstmonceux Tango Festival - Multiple Rooms
    • Jivebeat - Modern Jive events
    • Tango Spleen Orquestra - Live concert
    • Tonbridge Tango Festival - Multiple rooms
    • Tango Clásico - Live concert
    • Tunbridge Wells Milonga - Multi-genre events
    • ... and much more.

    Custom Solutions

    Every quote is individually tailored to the specific needs of the hirer. We will confirm your requirements with you well in advance of the event, and site visits prior to setup can be arranged. We will even liaise with the artists, performers, and the venue owners or managers as necessary to make the process as seamless as possible.

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    Guideline costs for typical installations:

    • Basic sound reinforcement for workshops etc.
      - from £165 per day
    • Sound system with foldback monitors, for bands
      - from £250 per day
    • Sound and lighting (indoor) with foldback monitors, for performances, etc.
      - from £300 per day

    Discounts available for multi-room setups and longer duration events. Contact us for details.

    All prices quoted include an experienced sound engineer on site for the duration of the event. Charity, fundraising, and other specialised rates available. Contact us for details.

    All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%, and are based on being within 40 miles of Biggin Hill (not including central London). Please see our Terms and Conditions especially the section regarding power supply.


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