Big budget impact, for small budget price

Whether you are running a local festival, a concert, a talent show, your school play, or a conference, you want it to sound and look as good as possible. You want people who come to your event to remember the acts or the presenters, not the creaky sound system and how hard it was to hear what was going on. In short, whatever the size of your production you need professional background support.

But 'professional' does not have to mean 'expensive'. With a small crew and careful planning we can provide a solution that works for almost any small to medium sized event that will fit within your budget.

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Simple or Complex Events

From a single announcer with a microphone to an orchestra performing live in front of a room full of dancers, we provide an ideal solution for local music festivals and live events.

We regularly work with multiple different groups and singers throughout the day, so whether you have a single band with support act, or a string of different performances throughout the day, we have you covered.

Our DJ can provide background music between acts or cover the whole event as required. We regularly run dance events (as Tangosynthesis), and broadcast a radio show and podcast (as Jivebeat Radio) so we have a range of music to suit different types of event.

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  • Up to 32 discrete channels (depending on configuration)
  • 6 channels (or more) of stage monitoring into floor and personal wedges
  • Adaptable speaker configuration for different venue sizes
  • Internet radio broadcast option available (subject to good WiFi / 3G / 4G signal)
  • Computer-controlled lighting for indoor and evening events
  • Spotlights, washes, and moving heads as required
  • Pixel mapping for advanced lighting effects
  • Video projection mapping for evening / indoor events

A sound and/or lighting engineer is always provided at any installation.

Our Installations

Previous sound system installations and projects have included:

  • Our Installations

    Previous festivals have included:

    • Biggin Hill Festival of Flight
    • Bromley's Got Talent
    • The Big O - Music and Vintage Festival
    • Oxjam - multi-band music nights
    • Sci-Fi Bromley
    • Rochester Literature Festival
    • Priory Live - New Music Festival
    • ... and much more.

    Custom Solutions

    Every quote is individually tailored to the specific needs of the hirer. We will confirm your requirements with you well in advance of the event, and site visits prior to setup can be arranged. We will even liaise with the artists, performers, and the venue owners or managers as necessary to make the process as seamless as possible.

    Price includes pre-event preparation, setup, take-down, and transport to / from the event venue. Overnight costs are extra. Hirer accepts responsibility for the equipment whilst on the event premises, and any overnight security necessary.

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    Guideline costs for typical installations:

    • Engineer on site (required)
      - £200 per day
    • Basic sound reinforcement for lectures, presentations, etc.
      - from £150 per day
    • Sound system for live bands
      - from £250 per day
    • Programmed / dynamic lighting for performances, etc.
      - from £100 per day

    Discounts available for longer duration events. Contact us for details.

    Charity, fundraising, and other specialised rates available. Contact us for details.

    All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%, and are based on being within 40 miles of Biggin Hill (not including central London). Please see our Terms and Conditions especially the section regarding power supply.

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