Big Budget Impact for Small Budget Price

Whether you are running a specialist dance event, a local village fair, a professional conference or seminar, or a concert with multiple bands and acts, we know that you want to sound your best. Crackly microphones, distorted speakers, and feedback every time anyone approaches the stage all distract from the main event, and that becomes the thing everyone remembers even before they think about the performances.

Let the experts help. We can take away the stress of running the infrastructure - the sound, lighting, and technical challenges that make your event possible... dealing with the requirements of bands, DJs, and audiences - leaving you free to run the event itself.

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Fully serviced sound and lighting hire for small to medium sized events. Indoor and outdoor, live music, DJs, conferences, seminars, conventions, and more. All our standard services and installations include an on-site engineer for the duration of the event.

Dance Events

As dance event organisers and dance teachers ourselves we understand the specific requirements of sound and lighting at dance festivals and events better than anyone. Whether your event has live bands, DJs playing pre-recorded music, or any combination of the two, we can provide the sound and lighting you need.


Events and Festivals

We have many years of experience of setting up and mixing live events, whether for music with one or more live bands or seminars with discussion panels and guest presenters.

You provide the stage and the people to go on it... we provide everything else.


Mobile Studio

If you have a rehearsal space or practice room and want to record demo or a sample track, then why pay for an expensive studio when you could make the recording right where you are?

Mobile multi-track recording at your own location with an experienced sound engineer.


Internet Radio

Expand the reach of your community event or festival to a wider audience with a community radio station operated right from the heart of your site. We can tailor a solution using internet broadcasting technology or DAB (where available).


Technical Services

We also offer a number of technical services. - 07532 183905

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