Subwoofers Explained

09 Mar 2020 - by Graham

At the bottom of every speaker stack, under every stage, and tucked in the corner of every hi-fi enthusiast's room, you will usually find one or more subwoofers. These large box-like speakers are a recognisable feature of every PA system and at every disco or nightclub with a good sound you will hear someone at the bar declaring that the place has "great subs!" to anyone who will listen. Subwoofers are apparently an integral part of any sound reinforcement or PA system, but do you always need them? And if you do, what is the best way to set them up? Subwoofers are speakers that are specifically designed to reproduce extra low frequencies towards the bottom end of the audio spectrum, generally somewhere below 100Hz. This frequency range includes the kick drum, the bass guitar, synthesised low notes from keyboards, and all the other instruments and effects that [read more...]

Choosing your first PA system

07 Mar 2020 - by Graham

So you are thinking of buying a PA system, but the problem is that you have no idea where to begin. You have looked through a few websites and have seen a bewildering range of systems that are in your budget, but you have no idea which one to go for in amongst all the talk of watts and active vs passive. Your mate swears by the XT4-37B system but you can only find the XT4-37A, and the reviews on everything else are confusing as no-one seems to agree on anything. So how do you make sense of all this and pick something that works for you? Any PA system is likely to be a significant financial investment, so choosing your first one can be a difficult decision, especially with all the conflicting advice given by companies and individuals trying to guide you towards their preferred solution. So [read more...]

Welcome to The Lacuna Works!

06 Mar 2020 - by Graham

If you have stumbled into this blog the maybe you came here looking for sound systems for an event, or you have something electronic that needs repairing. Or maybe you came here looking for stuff to do with film making or photography (more about that later) and are wondering where that has all gone. Whatever brought you here, welcome! And if you were wondering where the name "The Lacuna Works" came from, then... The name dates back to a time when we were thinking of opening a studio and we were wondering what to call it. We were going through names for spaces and rooms and theatres and stages we decided that the most important thing about it was that it was a "space". It was an empty space that could be made to do anything, and so since "lacuna" means space or void we combined it with [read more...]

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