Live Events

Small events often run on extremely tight budgets. With limited ticket sales, not much space, and restricted access to the venue, it is easy to assume that professional lighting and sound are out of reach. But that does not have to be the case.

We have a range of small and low-cost lighting elements that can transform your event no matter how small, and our sound systems are regularly used at dance events where set-up and take-down time have to be measured in minutes rather than hours. We discuss your requirements prior to the event, then program all the lighting prior to turning up at the show so all we have to do is set up and make some last minute adjustments during the rehearsals. We can even prepare a previsualisation graphical mock-up of your event so you can see what it will all look like before you get there.


Lighting designs can be tested and demonstrated in a 3D representation of your venue before the event, so you can see how the effects will look and what will be needed to rig them in the real world. Previsualisations are live and fully interactive, so you can see how the show will look from anywhere in the audience as the show is played. And you can even look from on-stage if you want to know what it will be like to be one of the performers.

For previsualisation to work properly we will need to accurately measure the venue where the event will take place so we can model it precisely as a digital version. If you already have accurate drawings of the site, either from architect's plans of from other virtualisation projects we can accept 3D files in a variety of formats.



  • Our Installations

    We have been involved in all sorts of events over the years. Some of these have involved extensive planning and setup before the event, where we worked with the organisers for days or weeks beforehand to ensure that everything went smoothly, and some of these were events where we turned up in the morning with little idea of what we would be facing and just got on with it!

    • MHA Hall Grange Jubilee Celebrations
    • My Dog's Got Fleas (comedy musical play, with live performance)
    • Brighton Tango Festival, with Live Band and dance demonstrations
    • Herstmonceux Castle Tango Boot Camp (multi-room event with live bands, DJs, presenters)
    • Biggin Hill Festival of Flight (multiple live performances)
    • Tonbridge Tango Festival (multi-room event with live bands, DJs, presenters)
    • Bromley's Got Talent (presenters, variety acts, backing tracks, live bands, DJs)
    • The Big O - Music and Vintage Festival (live music)
    • Oxjam - multi-band music nights (live music)
    • Sci-Fi Bromley (genre 'comic-con' event with discussion panels, live performances, and DJs)
    • Rochester Literature Festival (discussion panels and presentations)
    • Priory Live - New Music Festival (live bands)

    ... and much more.


    • Up to 32 channels (depending on configuration)
    • 6 channels (or more) of stage foldback / monitoring
    • Speakers and amplifiers for audiences of up to around 500 people depending on venue.
    • Internet radio broadcast option may be available for some projects (conditions apply)
    • Computer-controlled lighting for indoor and evening events
    • Spotlights, washes, and moving heads as required
    • Pixel mapping for advanced lighting effects
    • Video projection mapping for evening / indoor events

    A sound and/or lighting engineer is always provided at any installation. - 07532 183905

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