Bring the Studio to You

Smaller bands and musicians do not always have the budget to rent expensive studio space to record everything they want to get down on disk. You spend months rehearsing in your garage or shed and then eventually get the funds together to record one or two tracks, but then you want to change something and you have to go through the whole process again.

So why not let us bring the studio to you?

Recording in your rehearsal space may not be as perfectly accoustically isolated as it would be in a studio, but a well-planned multitrack recording session in any space will be a world of improvement over how bands usually record their rehearsal sessions - with an iPhone on a stool in front of the drum kit!

Costs will vary depending on the complexity of the installation, but will be based on a standard fee covering delivery, set-up, and take-down, and then there will be an hourly charge covering the technician and the ues of the equipment.



  • Up to 32 channels (depending on configuration)
  • 6 channels (or more) of stage foldback / monitoring
  • Wired IEMs available (you provide the earphones)
  • Tracked onto Logic for recording and mixing
  • Can provide the project files for you to mix, or mix it for you

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