Lighting and Visuals

When putting together a show or a presentation the lighting design is usually an integral part of the whole process. Lights are positioned around the stage or the performers, and the show lighting sequence is configured to work with the overall performance. We can work with your show director to set up and configure the lighting as required and to deliver the lighting solution your project needs.

For small events where all you need is a few lights around the venue to enhance the visuals, we can offer various ready-to-use lighting packs.

  • Aura 1 - Audio-reactive lights in an adaptive configuration.
  • Aura 2 - Lighting controller and DMX lights.

Images are representative and actual equipment supplied will be equivalent or better than that depicted. All prices subject to 20% VAT.

Aura 1 Stand-alone Lighting Pack

For parties, product launches, wherever there is music.

  • Up to 10 audio-reactive lights with floor stands.
  • No controller needed - just set up and let it get on with it.

£20 per day. £60 per week.

Aura 2 Controllable Lighting Pack

For parties, product launches, small bands, stage performances, etc.

  • Up to 10 DMX Controlled lights with floor stands.
  • Classic desk-based controller with various programmes.
  • Simple to use and operate.

£30 per day. £90 per week.

Custom Solutions Designed by us

For parties, product launches, small bands, stage performances, etc.

  • Basic lighting...
  • Moving Heads...
  • Pixel Tape...
  • Follow spot...
  • Controlled by professional lighting software.

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